Happy Pride Month

I want to wish everyone in the LGBTQ community a very happy Pride Month. I hope you’re celebrating yourself in your best way.

Of course, there’s been a discussion that the LGBTQ community needs to be celebrated and supported all the months of the year, not just in June, and I couldn’t agree more. I wanted to feature a few of my favorite LGBTQ makers that I hope you’ll continue to support long after Pride Month has concluded.

aroha knits instagram
© Aroha Knits

First up, Aroha Knits. She is an amazing designer who also supports upcoming designers. Whether it’s her resources like the 5 shawls 5 days challenge, her swatch studio circle course, or 1-on-1 mentoring, Frenchie has everything covered for anyone who wants to design. You should check out her instagram post (click on her image above) about Pride Month and the Māori new year and her beautiful designs on Ravelry.

Me and StevenBe in his film sweater Indianapolis 2013

Next up is StevenBe. I met him for the first time at the Knit and Crochet Show in Minneapolis in 2012. To say he is fabulous is an understatement. He carries wonderful yarns that bring intense color and texture. His designs are wild and fun, and he encourages you to make them your own. Pictured is when I heard him speak at the same show the following year in Indianapolis. His sweater is crocheted out of 16mm film, and to this day it’s probably the coolest knit I’ve ever seen. Check out his shop, online or in person in Minneapolis, and his designs on Ravelry.

© GamerCrafting

Finally, GamerCrafting is a new-to-me maker, but I’m already in love. Most of you should know of my affinity for pop-culture yarns by now. They carry a selection of geeky yarns, including a Disney Villains collection! They’re also carrying really fun Pride pins, the proceeds are supporting Mermaids, a trans youth charity in the UK. Please give their store a look!

Who are your favorite LGBTQ makers? Please let me know in the comments! I’m always trying to scope out new makers.

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