The Finale is Coming

When you watch the Game of Thrones, you knit or you die. At least, that’s how it is for my friends and me!

We’re huge fans of the show, so when we heard the Drunk Knitter is hosting a mystery knit-along called I Knit and I Know Things to celebrate the final season, we were instantly on board. With a new clue coming out for every episode, it’s the perfect way to send off this pivotal pop-culture power house.

Since it’s a mystery, we’re not sure what the final design will be. We know it will be a shawlette. We know it’s two color brioche with a mohair somewhere in there. We know the inspiration came from a GoT costume (we’re hedging bets that it’s Daenerys’ winter look). That’s it, though.

malabrigo neighborhood fiber co yarn

These are the yarns I chose for the project. I’ve been on that Dany train since the beginning, so I’m not about to stop now. House Targaryen colors, with a lighter, fiery mohair to accompany them. Fire and Blood, and all that.

knit picks tweed yarn

My friend Kristin also went the Targaryen route with these fun tweeds. She’s following the designer’s suggestion, that the mohair should be a lighter version of your lighter main yarns, and went with a pink mohair. I’m excited to see it!

knit picks cotton yarn

Alex picked these, doing the exact opposite of what the designer suggested (more like guidelines than actual rules, right?). I’m eager to see how the fabric differs with this combo! These colors are channeling Rhaegal the dragon to me. I’m sensing a theme.

ella rae hedgehog fibers yarn

Mom also wanted in on this knit-along, and she is not on theme. She also doesn’t watch Game of Thrones. She likes crimson and gold (she’s a Cyclone after all), and she had these alpacas in her stash. She asked me “The ‘I drink and I know things’ guy, these are his colors, right?” That’s her favorite part of the whole show, and so that’s what she picked.

And of course, we can’t carry around our mystery knits in any old project bags. I found these two cotton prints, and this weekend they will become reversible drawstring bags for the four of us.

Interested in joining us in I Knit and I Know things? What colors are you using? Or do you have a different to get you through this last season? Leave me a comment or tag your photos with #fiberadventures. I’m really excited to see how these turn out, even though I’m honestly dreading the end of the show. I know it can’t end well, Valar Morghulis.

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