Ten Stitch Blanket

I’ve mentioned skill-builder blankets are my teaching wheelhouse. It’s easier to break up a big project, like a blanket, with smaller sections of different techniques. However, what if you need a project that’s total TV knitting? Something that doesn’t require you to think at all. Squares would be fine, but the idea of seaming them together makes you want to give up your needles forever. You also want to use up all the scraps that have been lying around in your stash, and you still don’t want to work in long rows. How about ten stitches? May I present the Ten-Stitch blanket!

© Frankie Brown

This popular design involves knitting a ten stitch strip in a spiral, until your blanket is whatever size you want (or until you run out of yarn!). It has almost 7,000 projects on Ravelry and a 4.5/5 star rating. I’ve seen gorgeous planned gradients and stripes, as well as fun and funky scrap blankets. The scrappy projects inspired me to make one for Mom out of her sock yarn scraps. If you’re concerned about short-rows and joining as you go, I’m teaching a class on it at The Studio Thursday evening. That’s right, you can master all you need to know to knit this easy blanket in one two-hour class!

If you’re interested, you can sign up online or give The Studio a call at 816-531-4466.

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