Historical Crafting Q&A

NothingButKnit posted another Q&A, and here are my answers:

  • What item did you make that was a complete win? You loved making it, using it and got compliments on it. My crocheted prom dress, for sure. It took forever, and there were times when I got bored of it, but it was first big project using LYS quality yarn. Every time I picked it up, I could feel the different in the cotton, and since it was such a joy to work with it kept me going. And yes, the compliments on it keep coming and coming, and everyone is so nice about my absolutely crazy high school crafting adventure.
crocheted prom dress
  • How about a project that was a half win? You either loved making it and didn’t use it or hated making it but loved using it. That Rocky Mountain Aspens shawl! I loved making it and couldn’t style it to save my life. I ended up frogging it, and I plan to use the same stitch pattern in a cowl instead.
  • Have you ever resurrected a UFO, finished it and loved it? Absolutely. I think my latest was my Wicklow Pullover, my first knit sweater, that was left mid-sleeve for over a year. When I finally sat down and finished, I felt so proud! It’s stinking warm though, it’s only comfortable to wear in the polar vortex weather we just had.
  • Is there a technique that you’ve used in the past that you’ll never do again? How about one that you avoided and ended up liking? Do you use the items? I love learning new techniques! I’ve never shied away from any of them, and I’ve yet to find one I’ll refuse to do again. I do use my items! Most recently, I learn how to do entrelac on a felted backpack, and it’s my go-to Ren Fest project bag now!

What were your all time win projects? Let me know in the comments! (and leave your answers in NothingButKnit’s post too!)

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