Adventures at the Ren Fest: 3rd Weekend

It was so hot this weekend (which is never fun when you’re in the market of warm things), but it wasn’t a total bust.

Mom and me in garb

Mom was working out at the Faire this weekend too! She’s working for one of her favorite artists, Clay Images, who make these amazing ceramic dragon pieces, including three different styles of yarn bowls and pin cushions!

I didn’t demo at all this week, Marci had a project that she wanted to finish. However, I still got to talk to some wild patrons. This weekend I:

  • met the “inventor” of knitting with wire. She started knitting a year ago.
  • was told by a college-aged patron the drink mitts couldn’t be football colors, as football is stupid. They had to be Hogwarts house colors. When I told her I would be behind that if we had all the houses represented, she pick up a camo-colored mitt and told me it was Slytherin colors cause “they’re trash anyway.”
  • Almost got into an argument with a guy who implied that knitting was invented in Europe (he didn’t outright say it, so I didn’t have the opportunity to correct him).
  • Actually got into an argument with a guy who said fiber arts were only “for girls.” I feel it’s worth noting that his masculinity was so fragile, he felt the need to announce that the booth was his “wife’s thing, not his,” every fifteen seconds before our chat.

On a much lighter note, it was Ales and Tails weekend, which meant corgi races!

Cashew the corgi

This is Cashew! He took second place in the corgi races on Sunday and then came by our booth to say hi. My booth friend Chrissy shot this pic. Isn’t it perfect?!

I didn’t get any time at the wheel, but I did get some work done on my spindle project, where I’m spinning all of my Ply Away samples into one yarn. Also made some pretty decent progress on my Gaga Shroud.


Here’s hoping next weekend (and all the following Ren Fest weekends) will be much cooler!

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