Stoplight Knitting

I have a confession to make: I knit at stoplights. When people hear this, I get one of three reactions. Least often, they look at me like I’m a genius. Here and there, I get amusement, because of course I am someone who would knit at stoplights. Finally, most often I get looks of sheer […]

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I’m Teaching at KITH!

Announced earlier this week, I’m teaching a class at next year’s Knitting in the Heartland! It’s a fantastic regional yarncraft conference put on by the Sunflower Knitter’s Guild every other year. I’m teaching Advanced Crochet Stitches, and it’s a fun one. I’l cover moss stitch, bobbles, cables, lace, Catherine Wheel, star stitch, and more! It’ll […]

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My Friend Keegan

I know I promised an Adventures at the Ren Fest post, but there’s something else I need to write about first. My friend Keegan Rice passed away this last Saturday. He was 27 years old, and I’ve known him for more than half of my life. Keegan and I became friends in our middle school […]

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