Three Years of Adventures

I’ve made it! The leather (or crystal?) anniversary!

I appreciate you all who continue reading my words, whether you’ve been here since day one or if you just found the blog. It’s definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone and pushed my crafty skills to new heights.

Sadly, I do find myself in a bit of a slump lately. Between starting a new job and taking part in a whole host of activities I haven’t been able to for the past year, my crafting mojo has slowed a bit. It doesn’t help that a whole bunch of people I care about have summer birthdays, so I can’t share anything I’m work on at the moment….

Let me say, though, I’m nowhere near done. This blog has seen a lot of changes over three years, and it will continue to adapt. I’ll post more frequently when I can again. I’m also hoping for a return to more real, out-of-the-house Fiber Adventures, but I will continue to post tutorials and patterns as well!

Thanks again, and happy crafting!

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