Me Made May: Week Four

This last outfit was a doozey!

Emma modeling a knit top and shorts

Wanted to finish the top I had started for the Yarn Social Springtime Tee Party and a pair of shorts to go with them.

The shorts were easy enough, if I could just follow the directions… The seam ripper came out more times for these shorts than any other project this month. However, it all ended with a great pair of shorts I’m happy to wear.

The top, after already taking me longer than expected, took longer than expected. First I wanted to have it done for the Yarn Social Bon Voyage party, which doubled as the party to show off our finished tees. Then I wanted to have it done for a date Wednesday night and ask my date to take the FO photos (Instagram told me that was kosher, and now I know I would have even if they told me it wasn’t). Then I wanted to finish it after the date, while hanging out with some friends (one of whom was Becca, a go-to FO photographer). I had to settle for having it done before Tazzo’s Wine Night yesterday (which was a blast).

It’s a little shorter than I’d like it now, but I know the cotton will stretch out after a while. Then, I feel it will be perfect.

And, of course, the last video:

Thanks for joining me along this Me Made May adventure! I had a blast, learned a lot, and now have four new outfits I will proudly wear out and about!

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