Help a Sister Out


My sister and I are very, very different (and I don’t think she reads this blog, but I guess we’ll find out!). She never had much interest in fiber arts until she, like many others, found herself with fewer work hours when the pandemic hit. To raise a little extra money, she busted out an old sewing machine to hop on this big scrunchie trend (which my 90s kid heart is here for).

And she’s had some success! Of course, I’m always looking to bring new people into the fold. One of the more fun ways to do this is to find a project someone would really want and enjoy making. For my sis, I think these scrunchies may be it!

Looking around Instagram and Pinterest, I found three different, super easy knit or crochet scrunchies. Not looking to overwhelm (and because I love market research), I’m hoping you’ll help me pick which one she should try to make first.

They’re all the same yarn (leftover from that adorable elephant) and approximately the same difficulty. I’m wondering which people would most like to use.

Of course, the more information, the better. If you would pass this post along to anyone who would answer, I would appreciate it!!

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