Tool Talk

NothingButKnit has come out with another fun Q&A, this time about crafting tools!

Is there a tool that you own that is your absolute favorite? Which is it? What did you use before you had that tool?

I have a lot of absolute favorite tools! I have multiple sets of Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles, wood and chrome, 16″ and larger, and interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks. It’s nice knowing I have the size of needles/hooks I need, even if I have to hunt a little to find them attached to another project!

If I’m spinning on the go, I love a good Turkish spindle, especially Turtle Made Spindles. I’m still faster on my wheel, though. If I’m truly picking a favorite, I guess it’s that!

I also love fun embroidery scissors, like cranes. I also have one shaped like a cat and all kinds of prints. They’re the perfect size, and usually very sharp.

Finally, like NothingButKnit, I love me some stitch markers. I like for them to coordinate with my project, and of course, I like making them too!

Is there a tool that you bought that is way less useful than you hoped? Does it detract from your crafting?

I got myself a wool-drying basket when I first started processing raw wool, and it’s okay. It’s usually just quicker to leave the wool out on the lattice deck table, but I still use it for small amounts of fleece and storage!

Is there a tool that other people think is necessary and you just don’t use it? How do you get around it?

As much as I love stitch markers, if I don’t have one, I can usually go without. I know knitters who mark every pattern repeat, and they might spend less time ripping back their work than I do! I find I work faster without a lot of markers, though. I think it’s a crocheter thing. We don’t use a lot of stitch markers because most of them use rings, which you can’t use in crochet, so you make due without.

Also, cable needles. My good friend Lynn taught me how to cable without one, and I don’t think I’ve touched one since!

How do you store your tools? Do they have their own special space?

My hooks live in an old cigar box (my mom collects them and kindly gave one up to the cause). My interchangeable needles live in the cases they came in, and I have an awesome Studio needle bag for my fixed circulars. Straights almost never get used anymore, but the ones I do have live in an office cup intended for writing utensils. Similarly, my double-points live in an awesome Avengers pencil case!

On the go, I love tool tins! Some I get from Sarah, the Sexy Knitter, and some I make myself. It’s nice to have something you can throw in your project bag and go.

What are some of your favorite tools? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to leave your answers on NothingButKnit’s post, too!

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